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Monday, February 28, 2011

Signs and Symptoms of Concussion

It may have started by just a bump in your head, but if it hits the exact and right button that shouldn’t or aren’t supposed to get hit. Then, chances are you’re going to get a mild concussion. Though lucky for you if it won’t have a lasting effect on your precious brains, but there are some who may have just slightly bump their head. Not minding however if it did cause some damage, then later on they feel something different and eventually felt several unexplainable feelings.

Only to find out that they were already experiencing the several signs of Concussion that was brought about by that just simple bump on the head.

What is a concussion anyway? Well for those who don’t know about it but certainly wouldn’t want to have it, but still would love to know it. Here it is Concussion is a sign of traumatic brain injury. Its effects might be temporary but can be permanent as well depending on the impact that as caused through your brain.

Here are the symptoms of concussion that may manifest on people who suffers such condition; and when it thus show in any of your love ones or friend. Then it’s about time that you should give enough attention to it and send him to a hospital nearby.

Symptoms of concussion include ringing in the ears, loss of hearing, headaches, memory loss, moody, dizziness and tiredness for most of the time. Though for some lucky few such symptoms may eventually just pass by, but for those who were hit hard by it, such symptoms will persist it is likewise connected with long-term cognitive as well as physical problems.

Cognitive problems connected with mild brain injury includes poor focusing and inattentiveness, poor memory, irritable, stress and gets angry easily, self-centered lacks insights and dependents on others, difficulties in solving problems and impulsive. These are just among the many other symptoms that a mild brain injury sufferer may experience thus the need to seek some professional treatment.

Signs of concussion can likewise be linked with certain cognitive deficiencies from a person who’s got a brain injury. Such symptoms include recurring headaches, the loss of the ability to taste and smell, unexpected seizures, problems in seeing clearly, paralysis in certain parts of the body, tiredness and fatigue and most of all chronic pains.

One thing that every person ought to put into consideration though, no matter how mild or hard you hit your head, it’s not good to just let it pass by and forget that it ever had happened. It would be best to get yourself looked at or your brain to be examined to avoid further complications in the future which may eventually lead to your total suffering or loss.

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