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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Signs of Menopause

Who in her right mind would want to undergo her menopausal period right away? If it would only be possible, every woman or man for that matter wouldn’t want to undergo such stage.
However, no matter how a person, especially a matured one would probably deny or despise it. It will eventually come to pass, high or low it will surely happen to each and every one of us. So, instead of totally make yourself susceptible to depression in such undesirable stage. Why not prepare yourself and learn all the signs of menopause and learn to handle it in a bit prepare and composed way?
So, what are those? How will a person know that she’s on her way to such phase of life?
First thing you need to know is what on earth is menopause? You may have heard it from your grandmother or from your mother way back then, but you haven’t really given though so much about it since you were young back then. And now that you’re way above the age of maturity, you feel like you’re about to embark a new phase of life.
Menopause occurs when your menstrual cycle suddenly stops for a period of 12 months; it clearly signifies that it’s the end of your menstruation and your being a fertile woman. It also means that your ovaries have finally stopped producing hormones such as estrogen and progesterone and eggs has likewise been reduced. Though some female may feel fine through such phase, some women may undergo hot flashes and gets irritated more often.
If you’re at the age of 40 and bothered by the signs and symptoms of menopause, then, this may be the time for you to have a real understanding of such condition. Bear in mind that menopausal period is not an illness.
When a woman’s ovaries generate eggs, it likewise set in motion the production of progesterone and estrogen. These two known hormones are in charge of controlling your ovulation and menstruation, but when your ovaries activities reduce, the production of hormones decreases as well leading to the onset of menopause.
Now that you have an understanding on what a menopause is, the next thing that you need to be aware of is the different signs. How does it began, how will you know that you are already having your menopausal period?
Here are several signs and symptoms that are common in women who are experiencing such phase of their lives:
  Hot flushes along with night sweating, this is the most known and common signs of the beginning of your menopausal stage. This may happen for a couple of times in an hour, with each flush lasting for more or less 3 to 6 minutes tops. Such occurrence can be understood, however the reason why it happens is due to an erratic automatic control of your nervous system. Such disturbance set off your skin’s blood vessels to open, which signals your sweat glands to become vigorous.
  Another sign is the irregular bleeding. Your perimenopause hormonal stage changes may also hinder with your ovulation, if ovulation will be hindered. Your ovary will continue to produce estrogen which in effect likewise causes your endometrium layer inside uterus to solidify. Such event may lead to late menstruation period and will be followed by an irregular bleeding.
  Vaginal dryness may happen to women and will experience itching in such sensitive area; rashes may even show in certain parts of the body. This is due to the lack of estrogen, which simply means that the glands in your vagina don’t create enough lubricant causing pain and stinging sensation especially during intercourse.
  Irritable or mood swings. Often tired and depressed. Forgetfulness may happen and irritation can be very upsetting for you and your family.
  Sleeplessness and irregularity in your sleep pattern. Sleep disturbances may happen due to night time sweat and uneasiness. Women who sweat often have to change their bed sheets for several times at night.
  You may also experience thinning of pubic hair as well as your hairs on the head.
  Looseness of your breasts. This is one of the most disturbing signs of menopausal, since it will be very visible indeed especially for a woman who were gifted with a huge pair of breasts. Expect it to become lose and your last year’s bra may become loose as well, thus without the support of a bra it may sag. While you’ll notice your abdomen will become fatter.
  Body pains and cramps, which would literally be a burden for you from time to time. Especially if the weather is quite colder.
  Being susceptible to yeast infection, will likewise be one of the recurring signs.
  You’ll also notice some changes in your body hair such as a random facial hair which you may not expect to occur to you.
  Water retention is also a known sign of menopausal stage.
  No matter how hard you try, you’ll likewise be experiencing some problems when urinating.
  The most alarming signs of menopause of all would be your heart’s palpitation, as well as blood sugar level’s fluctuation.
Knowing such symptoms would make such phase of your life be easier to get by, since you are now fully aware of what to expect when it comes.

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