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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Treatment for Colitis

A research is currently conducted in several medical research institutes and facilities on the medication of ulcerative colitis treatment. Known for causing ulcers which grows in the lining of the intestines and colon, such condition produces pus which often times leads to bleeding.
Though researches have been conducted for quite a long time now, researchers haven’t been able to develop a cure or colitis treatment. They however, have produced several medicines that can only alleviate the pain from its symptoms.
These drugs however are known to lessen the inflammation, hold back the progression of the illness, stops complications, and restore blood and nutritional losses as well.
These treatments are also assumed to help damaged tissues heal, avoid new flare ups and lessen the risk of undergoing into surgery in the days or years to come.

In opting for a colitis treatment, the doctor usually evaluates the progression of the condition first. Examining the affected part first, this is the colon and looks for any complications that it has developed. If the doctor finds it to be in a moderate stage, His first choice of treatment will be aminosalicylates, prescribing his first choice of medicines which are sulfasalazine or mesalamine.
Aminosalicylates on the other hand focuses on the reducing of any recent inflammations, building remission and keeping the illness from becoming active once again. Aminosalicylates is all you need to keep it from making you suffer or experience the symptoms.

If the above mentioned medicine doesn’t quite work as expected, then expect your doctor to prescribe you with corticosteroids which is usually the next choice on the list. The main purpose of such medication is to eliminate the inflammation. It will only be used as long as there’s a need to bring such inflammation down. And when such irritation slows down, your doctor will resume the treatment with aminosalicylates.

If in any given circumstances, the above mentioned treatments still doesn’t work on your colitis. Then your doctor will have to try again the next type of colitis treatment on the lists, which is composed of immune modulators, infliximab and cyclosporine. These types of medicines lessen or eliminate irritation by controlling the respond of your immune system to the disease.

Pregnant women who are suffering from colitis on the other hand, are considered to be safe with such kind of medications. Especially if the physician believes that such condition is a threat to the unborn child, then the effects of the drug itself. There are several known colitis treatments that are available and are formulated for use. Depending on the pregnancy stage and the seriousness of the symptoms, several studies conducted even indicated that a nicotine patch may actually help in alleviating the diseases’ symptoms.

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