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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Wonder Tea

Did you know that the Nettle Tea is useful from its leaves down to its roots? Indeed, it can be considered as one of the many healing wonder herbs of the world.
Nettle plant’s stems, leaves, flowers and roots have strong medicinal qualities. It has a rich green color that divulges its high iron and chlorophyll substance. Minerals such as magnesium, cobalt, sulphur, calcium, silicon, phosphorus chromium, copper, zinc, potassium and proliferate in these wonder plant. This plant basically is a miracle plant, to think that it carries with it minerals it also has vitamins in it such as: Vitamins A, C, D, E and most of all riboflavin and thiamine.
Today, people have been using the nettle for its therapeutic qualities and the new generation is ready to re-discover what people of olden times have known and discovered about the healing wonders of this plant all along.
Think about it, a mere tea which has lots of minerals and vitamins in it. No dietary tablets or weight-loss supplements can help you flush all those fats in your body; the best part is there are no known side effects that can affect the user.
What good is it if we spent hundreds of our money for a weight-loss supplement that doesn’t even live to our expectations? Why bother spending then if we can’t get any benefits from it?
Nettle tea on the other hand is a kind of tea that has the ingredients that can be beneficial to your body, not only physically but emotionally as well. It cleanses your body not only outwardly but your internal organs likewise.
Nettle is said to be tremendously helpful for your kidneys, being functional in driving out gravel from the bladder and melting kidney stones. It’s powerful blood cleanser that expel out toxins and metabolic wastes by invigorating the kidneys to emit more water; it cleans out the whole intestinal tract while triggering the body's natural defense system.
Not only that, among the nettle tea benefits that you’ll experience is that it also kills and drive out worms, intestinal worms. It treats hemorrhoids, diarrhea, dysentery, and inflammation of the kidneys among others and likewise useful in the treatment of asthma.
A mere tea, yet it carries a lot of good beneficial treats with it, isn’t it worth of your every penny?

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